Amund Kokkvoll

Amund Kokkvoll (25) is today a professional dog handler. Throughout his youth he has been a versatile athlete. After the national handball team gathering in 2010 for the G15, Amund made a choice on the way home to Røros. He would be more out to run his activity. He had then been allowed to drive a sled with his uncle’s four dogs. In short, the learning path to becoming a skilled dog handler was via collaboration and learning with other kennels in Norway and Alaska. In 2017 he established himself with his own kennel – Team Kokkvoll – in Julussdalen in Rena. The kennel currently numbers around 40 Alaskan Huskies. In Julussdalen there is an eldorado of training opportunities on bare ground and in winter.

He won the first NM junior in Femundløpet 2013. And it was when he felt the rush and the feeling of mastering nature and the interaction with the dogs on the way to the finish line in Røros, that he decided to bet on the sport of dog sledding. He became Rookie of the year in Femundløpet 2019 with a 4th place. The goal going forward is to establish itself at the top of the long-distance sport.

“There have been ups and downs with the sporting results. There is much to be learned. Now I am sure I have found the formula for exercise and nutrition. Being able to feed the same quality feed over time is of great importance to the dogs. I make the same demands on myself as I do on the dogs. Together, we must perform optimally when we train and compete. Then the dogs deserve the very best nutrition that provides good nutrient absorption and has a taste that is good whether they have rested in the kennel or are out on the track for several hours and miles. Appetitt then delivers to the degree in all areas. The dogs like the food very much. Then I’m satisfied. And of course it helps when Appetitt always provides good service”

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