About Appetitt


Appetitt is developed and manufactured in Norway, and the range has a high proportion of unique Norwegian raw materials and also high content of circular ingredients. All varieties have a high proportion of hydrolysed protein sources from marine and animal sources (salmon and/or chicken).

The feed contains functional ingredients from natural sources, including natural glucosamine and chondroitin from salmon and chicken, as well as high-quality omega-3 from Antarctic krill from sustainable fishing.

In 2022, we switched to a premium monomaterial solution for the packaging we use in the Appetitt series. This is a plastic material tailored for complete recycling. This means that we have made a sustainable choice for Appetitt, which offers superior product protection and supports a circular economy


Quality controls to ensure good raw materials and the quality of the final product

All raw materials come from approved suppliers. All the raw materials we use in our feed are GMO-free and proof that the raw material is free of salmonella is required before the raw material can enter our production facility. For each lot of product produced, a reference sample is kept if analyzes are needed at a later time (additional analyses). Ready-made dog food and cat food are routinely analyzed for nutritional content, hygienic quality and physical properties. The production and quality system are approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority also audits the production facility.


We have extensive in-house research where we conduct tests of raw materials and finished feed. We focus on taste and digestibility, health and stool quality, coat and skin quality.

The origin of the raw materials

The vast majority of animal-based raw materials are of Norwegian origin. Examples of this are raw materials from chicken and fish. The fat sources we use are chicken fat, which is also a Norwegian raw material.

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