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The Appetitt brand is a result of long experience in feed production, research, and product development with basis in international norms and recommendations. Our large network of veterinarians, breeders, and research institutions contribute with expertise and insight. All so that we can develop and produce the very best food for your dog!

Appetitt is produced in Norway in Vaksdal, just outside Bergen. In Norway, we have strict quality requirements for ingredients used in food intended for human or animal consumption. We have zero tolerance for salmonella and the use of genetically modified ingredients. Very good health status of livestock and the restrictive use of antibiotics in Norwegian animal husbandry mean that the incidence of antibiotic resistant bacteria in feed ingredients is virtually non-existent.

Appetitt has a range with a high proportion of unique Norwegian raw materials, no grain raw materials with the exception of rice. All varieties have a high proportion of hydrolysed protein sources from marine and animal sources (fish and chicken).  The feed contains a number of functional ingredients, including natural glucosamine and chondroitin from fish and chicken, as well as highly quality omega-3.fish

Quality controls to ensure the quality of the ingredients and the final product

All raw materials in Appetitt are delivered from approved suppliers who we  systematically audit with regard to their quality systems. All raw materials we use are GMO-free and proof of salmonella freedom is required before the raw material can be taken into our factory. Furthermore, we have a control plan for the systematic execution of analyzes of chemical content, hygienic quality and the content of unwanted substances. For each batch of raw materials, a reference sample is kept for any future need for analyses. When the food is produced it will be analysed in the same way according to an agreed control plan. The control plan includes nutritional content, hygienic quality, physical properties, etc. Chemical content is checked online by NIR analyses. The production and quality system have been approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority revises the follow-up of the quality system.


We have extensive in-house research where we carry out trials and tests of raw materials and finished feed. We focus on palatability, digestibility of raw materials, intestinal health, quality of faeces, fur and skin/paw quality.

Digestibility of Appetitt dog food and cat food

The digestibility of the main nutrients is very important when we produce cat food and dog food, which is regularly tested on both raw materials and finished food.

The origin of the raw materials

The vast majority of basic raw materials such as animal and marine protein are Norwegian raw materials. Examples of this are raw materials from chicken and fish (mackerel, sole, cod, herring and salmon). Fat source is chicken from Norway. Pea starch, rice and potato starch are the three raw materials that contribute starch. Starch is an important part of a feed as an energy source, but also important in the production of the feed balls, by contributing to shape and structure. Pea starch is from Stavanger, potato starch comes from Denmark (there is no Norwegian supplier/producer) and rice from Italy. A feed also consists of a number of micro components such as vitamins and minerals. These will have different origins, where calcium and sodium are of Norwegian origin.

vitaminer i hundefôr og kattemat

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