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Appetitt Energy & Appetitt Extreme

Appetitt Energy is a type of dog food that has been specially developed for adult dogs with a high level of activity. The dry feed contains high levels of easily digestible protein and fat from animal and marine sources, with high digestibility and energy content.

The high fat content and carnitine in the feed increase the burning of fatty acids in dogs, and lecithin helps to digest the fat.

Appetitt Extreme is a type of dog food that is adapted to very active dogs with very high energy needs. The feed contains high levels of easily digestible protein and fat from animal and marine sources, as well as prebiotic substances. This helps the dog perform at its best during hard training, hunting and running.

Få med et brett Appetitt Energy på kjøpet

Klar for jaktsesongen? Kjøp en 12 kg sekk med Appetitt Extreme eller Energy, så får du med et brett som inneholder 22 stk. Appetitt Energy på kjøpet.

Kampanjen gjelder utvalgte forhandlere over hele landet, inkludert Felleskjøpet, BondeKompaniet, PetXL, med flere. Sjekk med din lokale forhandler for kampanjetilbud. Kampanjen kan ikke kombineres med oppdretteravtale eller andre tilbud.

Tidsperioden kan variere fra forhandler til forhandler, men gjelder hovedsakelig i perioden 7. august til og med 10. september. 

Optimize your dog's energy needs with freeze-dried beef rumen

Appetite freeze-dried rumen from Norwegian cattle is very tasty and has a high energy content. It is excellent as a feed supplement for dogs with a high level of activity.

For example, during and after training, hunting and running. The food also excels as additional food for dogs that need to gain weight or are recovering.

The product is sold in bags of 500 grams at selected retailers throughout Norway. Always remember to soak the product before use.

Hunting planning with our ambassadors at Kennel Rypleja

Preparing for a perfect hunting day requires hard work and dedication. After a busy winter season, our hunting dogs take a well-deserved holiday before training begins again.

Proper nutrition with Appetitt dog food and endurance training are the keys to success.

We look forward to the autumn hunting trials and look forward to this year’s hunting experiences with our faithful hunting partners.

Read how our fodder ambassadors Per Johnny Skjæran and Kristel Marie Pedersen plan the hunting season with their dogs.

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Recommended wet and supplementary food for active dogs

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Appetitt kan du kjøpe i butikker over hele landet og i en rekke nettbutikker.

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