Appetitt wet food for dogs

Product news! Wet food for dogs with high palatability!

We are now launching new wet food products for dogs in the Appetitt range. The various variants are all very palatable, with only animal protein raw materials and no grain raw materials.

This range is heat-treated for a long shelf life at room temperature and composed of carefully selected raw materials. The feed contains no artificial preservatives, artificial flavors or coloring agents.

The different variants of the wet food are suitable for puppies, for adult dogs, active dogs and dogs that easily gain weight.

Feeding with wet food has many advantages!

Many dog owners want to give the dog a wet food in addition to the dog’s daily ration of dry food. There are many benefits to giving your dog a wet food as well, such as keeping the dog hydrated, increasing the palatability of the food and supporting digestion. But remember that if you feed your dog with dry food, you must adjust the amount of wet food so that you do not feed the dog too much food so that it puts on weight. You can find our wet food for dogs here.

Some general tips when feeding wet food

  • Take wet food with you on trips for snacking or to provide a light meal for more energy
  • Add wet food pieces to the dog’s water to make him drink more when he needs it
  • Use the wet food as an additional flavor enhancer in the dry food (remember to reduce the dry food accordingly)
  • An excellent snack for working dogs
  • A good option to take with you when travelling, as an unopened sausage can be stored at room temperature

Wet food from Appetitt

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