Overweight in cat

Overvekt hos katt

Obesity in cats is occurring more and more common but an ideal body weight is important for good health and well-being of the cat. Being overweight affects health in several ways. For example, being overweight can put more strain on the joints and bones, the animal can get cardiovascular diseases, or develop diabetes. Being overweight reduces the animal’s quality of life and can affect the expected lifespan of the animal.

Why does the cat become overweight? 

The most obvious cause of obesity in cats is too much feed and too little exercise. Many cats are indoor cats with limited opportunities for movement, while other cats are inactive for other reasons.

Hormonal changes in connection with neutering can affect both the metabolism and the cat’s activity level. Therefore, it is often more demanding to avoid excess weight after castration or sterilization.

With age, cats also often become less active and changes occur in their metabolism. Thus, the problem of overweight increases as the cat ages.


How do I know if my cat is overweight?

It can be difficult to assess whether the cat is overweight. If you are unsure, contact your vet if you have questions about obesity or want an assessment of your cat’s weight. A rule of thumb is that you should easily be able to feel the cat’s ribs when it is in a normal position. Otherwise, you can weigh the cat and compare with the normal weight for the breed/type of cat. You can also monitor whether the cat has changed its movement habits or moves as smoothly as before.

How to avoid obesity

Cats that are overweight or have a tendency to put on weight easily should always be given the food in controlled quantities. It is recommended to distribute the daily ration over 3-4 feedings per day. Stick to fixed feeding times and avoid «snacks». Snacks and the use of treats are unfortunate as this also contains energy that the cat may not need, and which over time will increase its weight.

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Appetitt Cat Weight Control

Appetitt Weight Control has a moderate calorie content that might help control your cat’s weight. The food is low in fat but high in the vital omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA in the form of phospholipids from Antarctic krill. This food contains carnitine might contribute to energy and fat metabolism and thus reduce the risk of overweight. The feed contains in addition to carnitine also psyllium husk. Psyllium husk are high in fermentable and water-soluble fibres and contribute to gastrointestinal function. Husk from these seeds have very good water binding ability and swelling properties, so can also contribute to increased satiety.

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