Feeding a kitten

There are many varieties of cat food on the market. Regardless of which food you choose for your kitten, it is important that you choose a complete food that provides a balanced feed with support for growth. 

Every cat is unique. But when choosing food for your kitten, it is important that you choose a food that is precisely adapted to the kitten. Cats have a high protein requirement in general, which is taken care of when you choose a feed that is adapted to life-phase. A kitten is very active and the growth is fast and a high energy consumption is therefore important in the first period of life. Therefore, the kitten requires an energy-rich feed, properly formulated to support this phase! 

How often should the kitten be fed?

The cat has a fairly short digestive tract, and if possible, the cat’s food bowl should be available for the cat all day so that it can feed itself when it wants. Nevertheless, many cats often eat up what they are given when serving, and then it may be that your cat needs to have the daily ration distributed over several feedings. Check the recommendation on the package as there can be variation for breed and type of feed and also individual needs might affect how much food the cat should have.

Check the declaration  at the bag

Remember that it is important to have a correctly composed feed, so that the kitten get its vitamin and mineral need covered. A balanced feed support the kitten’s growth, ensure robust legs, joints and teeth, as well as a strong immune system and health in general. The cat needs a feed that contains taurine as it cannot make this amino acid itself. Taurine is particularly found in meat, so by choosing a feed with a high meat content, for example Appetitt Kitten, you ensure that the cat gets precisely what it needs. Appetitt is produced in Norway and consists a high amount of Norwegian raw materials.

Wet cat food -a good alternative or supplement

During the cat’s first six months it will have reached three-quarters of its adult weight, so perhaps it goes without saying that kittens need feed that provides good support during development and growth. Wet food adds extra liquid to the cat and can be good to use if you think your cat drinks little water or also as appetite-enhancer. Wet food is a good alternative for variety even if the cat most often eats dry food.

Advantages of dry food

  • Long durability
  • Easy to measure the daily amount of feed 
  • Chewing prepares food for digestion and might prevent tartar 

Advantages of wet food

  • Smells stronger and more than dry food and can therefore be more tempting. Wet food is also easy to use with portion packs that provide fresh food.

Appetitt has a large selection to ensure that you find the feed that is adapted to your pet in the various phases.

Appetitt Kitten

Appetitt Kitten has a high content of protein from animal and marine raw materials. High protein digestibility and a content of essential amino acids that are adapted to growing kittens up to approx. 1 year of age.


The high energy and nutrient content means that Appetitt Kitten is also suitable as cat food for pregnant and lactating cats.

Kattemat til kattunge: Hvit og rosalilla sekk Appetitt Kitten 2,5 kg sekk tørrfor, sovende kattunge avbildet

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