Kennel Ørntua & Rune Hoholm

My name is Rune Hoholm and I live in Sørreisa in Troms. Life with bird dogs, training, hunting and competitions is a great passion that occupies most of my free time. I have had a bird dog since 1995 and currently have two pointers that I use for walks, hunting and competitions. I love being out in nature a lot with my dogs throughout all seasons and in all kinds of weather. When I’m busy with the dogs I forget time and place!

I have actively participated in hunting tests since 1995 and for more than 20 years have competed in the Norwegian Stop with my dogs. In 2004 I was authorized as a hunting trial judge. In total, I have passed 160 prizes at hunting tests. Among other things, I have had the pleasure of becoming Norwegian champion, winning the open Swedish championship and the Arctic Cup with my dogs. So far there have been 7 championships, including two international hunting championships, and I have had this year’s pointer in NPK a total of 4 times.

I am the owner of Kennel Ørntua, which since 2001 has delivered 14 litters of puppies with more than 100 offspring that have documented good hunting qualities in hunting trials, including Norwegian National Championship winter. Kennel Ørntua has received Agnes Delphin’s breeder award in 2017.

I have ambitions to compete with my dogs at the highest national level and therefore put in the necessary work to achieve these goals. Then a balanced and good dog food is an important factor for this to be successful. The dogs need good and correct nutrition in order to perform at the highest level in hunting and competitions. I have used Appetitt dog food for my dogs since 2008 and I find that Appetitt has the good quality of its products, which my dogs depend on to perform optimally!


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