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Here is an overview for those of you who want to buy cat food online.

A selection of Appetite cat food

Here are some of our best selling cat foods. Click on the product to read more about the nutritional content or click here to find your nearest retailer of Appetitt dog food and cat food.

Kattefor i hvit, brun og oransj sekk; Appetitt Cat Chicken, 10 kg tørrfor, oransj og hvit katt avbildet
Appetitt Adult Chicken 10 kg
Complete food for adult cats and rich in protein from animal ingredients Rich in taurine, which contributes to a healthy...
Kattefor i hvit, oransj og brun sekk; Appetitt Cat Chicken, 2,5 kg tørrfor, oransj og hvit katt avbildet
Appetitt Adult Chicken 2,5 kg
Complete food for adult cats and rich in protein from animal ingredients Rich in taurine, which contributes to a healthy...
Kattefôr i hvit, brun og blå sekk; Appetitt Cat Fish, 2,5kg tørrfor, brunspraglet og hvit katt avbildet
Appetitt Adult Fish 2,5 kg
Complete food for adult cats (dry food for cat) with a high proportion of protein from marine sources High in...
Kattemat til kattunge: Hvit og rosalilla sekk Appetitt Kitten 2,5 kg sekk tørrfor, sovende kattunge avbildet
Appetitt Kitten 2,5 kg
For kittens up to 1 year of age High in hydrolysed protein, with high protein digestibility and essential amino acid...

Cat food online - useful to know!

Where can I buy Appetitt cat food online?

You can buy Appetite cat food through many different outlets. You can find a dealer under the “Find dealer” tab on this website, whether it is one of your nearest pet stores or you choose to look for Appetitt Cat Food online.

I have questions about cat food online before I buy. How can I get an answer to this?

Online cat food retailers must have a customer service function that helps you with most questions you have about everything to do with buying cat food online. In the vast majority of cases, the dealer also has staff who have received training in giving advice on, for example, cat food and cat nutrition. It is therefore a good idea to check with the online store’s service solution and those who sit there will possibly give you advice on getting answers to your questions in other ways if they cannot help you.

Do retailers of Appetitt cat food online have the entire range available?

The range of Appetitt cat food that the various retailers have, whether it is a physical store or whether it is a retailer of cat food online, will vary. On this website you can search for a retailer of cat food that is close to you. If they don’t have exactly the type of cat food you’re looking for, the vast majority of stores can order exactly the variety you want on request.

What do I have to pay for cat food delivery online?

The cost that different online cat food suppliers charge to deliver cat food to your home will vary, so it is best that you read carefully on the supplier’s website. Many have what we call a “free delivery limit”, so that when you reach a certain purchase price, they send the goods freely delivered to your home.

Purchase and delivery conditions of cat food online

The various suppliers who sell cat food online have their own terms and conditions of purchase and delivery – You must therefore read what the individual supplier writes on the online shopping pages.

Personal data – Can I be sure that this is handled safely when buying cat food online?

Anyone who sells a product in Norway or who for one reason or another has access to personal information is required by Norwegian law to have a good system for handling this (GDPR) and then handle this correctly and safely for you as a customer.

Buying cat food online, what happens if I regret the purchase?

This is something that most owners of an online store have their own rules for, so the best thing is that you read carefully what is stated on the individual online cat food supplier’s website. The provisions of the Consumer Act apply to guarantees and in the event of a complaint about the product, the conditions surrounding the purchase and sale of a product are normally followed under the Consumer Purchase Act’s right of complaint. Contact the customer service of the store where you bought cat food online for more information about this.

Is the selection of cat food online the same as in the store?

The selection of cat food online can vary just as the selection of goods can vary in a shop that sells cat food. so it may be a good idea to check several dealers if you cannot find what you are looking for. It is also worth noting that in the pet trade, i.e. in the physical pet food stores, you can usually get exactly what you are looking for on request.

Is it difficult to buy cat food online?

It is usually not difficult to buy cat food online, and it is also safe to buy cat food this way. Remember, once you’ve shopped the first time, it’s much easier the next time! Online retailers, just like physical stores that sell cat food, have a wide selection of the best brands that are healthy and good food for your cat. If you are unsure, just contact your online retailer.

The online retailers where you can buy Appetitt cat food all have good feed advice if you have any questions. Whether you are a new cat owner or have had one or more cats all your life, there is always something to wonder about; which brand should I choose for my cat, when should my cat switch to an adult food, when is my cat aging, my cat has a lot of fur and sheds a lot now and what should I choose from cat food. Lots of questions and most cat food retailers online and well trained to give you answers to questions like this. So contact your online cat food retailer, no matter what you’re wondering!

Are there subscription schemes when buying cat food online?

Yes, many retailers have schemes where you can enter into a subscription for cat food and for example you can also subscribe to Appetitt cat food and get a new bag with the right amount of cat food for your cat sent just before you run out of the one you have at home. It is called “auto-refill” and contributes to an easier everyday life when you no longer have to think about buying a new bag of cat food and have the cat food delivered straight to your door.

To find the solution that you want, you must read what they offer on the cat food supplier’s website. For example, Dyrekassen will offer a solution where you can easily make changes yourself when you want via “My pages”, and you can skip deliveries as often as you like. There is no commitment period and you get every 10 bags free when you buy the same brand and size. The solution also gives you the opportunity to add other products that you do not have

auto-refill, for example snack products and nutritional supplements, cat toys and other equipment you need for your cat. Always contact your online cat food dealer if you have any questions about cat food, feeding your cat and about the solutions discussed here; cat food subscription.

Delivery of cat food. It is difficult for me to collect and carry home the cat food, are there any good solutions for this?

Several retailers of cat food, whether it is from a pet store or when you buy cat food online, offer delivery of the cat food to your nearest post office or post office and some also offer delivery right to your doormat. You can find information about where your cat food purchase can offer you on the retailer’s website or you can also contact the retailer directly by phone or via the chat function. The possibility of choosing the type of delivery method gives you as a consumer good flexibility and thus gives you the choice of which type of delivery suits you best then and there. The choice of delivery is most often chosen when paying, and also if you want so-called “contactless delivery”, where the item is left outside your door and you receive an SMS that the item has been delivered and where you acknowledge that the item has been received in a similar way.

I’m going to order cat food online, but there are so many choices. Which cat food should I choose for my cat?

It can be difficult to choose food for your cat, especially if you are a new cat owner, whether you have got a kitten or an adult cat. Our advice is that you choose a feed from manufacturers of a quality feed, for example Appetitt Cat, and then you choose the adaptations that best suit your cat. Finally, you can choose whether you want to feed dry cat food as the only food or in combination with a wet cat food.

We would recommend that you use a dry food for cats as a basis, as dry food is beneficial for the cat’s dental health and can help control tartar. If, on the other hand, you want to only feed with a wet feed, this is also not wrong. Just make sure that you choose a so-called complete food for cats, so that the cat’s needs for energy and nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, are met. The most important adaptation when choosing food for your cat is the kitten food that a young cat should always have. A kitten has different needs than an adult cat.

Choosing feed for an adult cat, when you buy cat food online, is less critical, but here too there are many choices that can be made, depending on whether the cat is an outdoor or indoor cat, has long fur, is neutered, whether it is overweight or if it has other special needs. The same assessments also apply to the choice of wet cat food when you buy cat food online. There is eventually a wide selection of different varieties of wet food for cats, and there are the same tips to follow when choosing this type of cat food.

Many people also want to offer snacks and treats for their cat, and this is of course also something that both traditional pet stores and online stores offer a wide selection of. When you give your kitten or adult cat treats, treats are also a form of food. Therefore, if you have an overweight cat, you must remember that a small treat several times a day can give the cat many extra calories over the course of a week. Therefore, we would recommend for overweight cats that, in addition to choosing a food for cats that put on weight easily, you also choose a treat that is for overweight cats. You can read tips about feeding cats under the tab for articles here on the website for Appetite dog food and Appetite cat food.

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