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When choosing cat food, it is important to choose a feed that is adapted to the cat’s needs at the age and life stage it is in. When feeding a cat, sufficient and correct supply of protein is important, and the various feeds from Appetitt Cat all have a content of easily digestible protein and with an amino acid composition that is ideal for the cat’s various life stages.

The protein in Appetitt is mainly of animal origin with high biological value and where a high proportion of the protein raw materials is hydrolysed. Appetitt Cat is Norwegian-made, sustainable cat food!Appetitt cat food is Norwegian-produced and with a high proportion of circular raw materials.

In 2022 Appetitt switched to a premium monomaterial solution for the packaging. This is a plastic material tailored for complete recycling. This means that we have made a sustainable choice for Appetitt, which offers superior product protection and supports a circular economy.

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Kattefor i hvit, brun og oransj sekk; Appetitt Cat Chicken, 10 kg tørrfor, oransj og hvit katt avbildet
Appetitt Adult Chicken 10 kg
Complete food for adult cats and rich in protein from animal ingredients Rich in taurine, which contributes to a healthy...
Kattefor i hvit, oransj og brun sekk; Appetitt Cat Chicken, 2,5 kg tørrfor, oransj og hvit katt avbildet
Appetitt Adult Chicken 2,5 kg
Complete food for adult cats and rich in protein from animal ingredients Rich in taurine, which contributes to a healthy...
Kattefôr i hvit, brun og blå sekk; Appetitt Cat Fish, 2,5kg tørrfor, brunspraglet og hvit katt avbildet
Appetitt Adult Fish 2,5 kg
Complete food for adult cats (dry food for cat) with a high proportion of protein from marine sources High in...
Kattemat i hvit og grå sekk; Appetitt Cat Shiny Coat 2,5kg tørrfor, gråspraglet katt avbildet
Appetitt Shiny Coat 2,5 kg
Complete food for adult cats (dry food for cat) Rich in taurine, which contributes to a healthy heart, good eyesight,...
Appetitt Cat Sterilised 10 kg kattemat; hvit og grønn pose, grå katt som ligger
Appetitt Sterilised 10 kg
Appetitt Cat Sterilised cat food has an energy and nutritional content suitable for neutered cats and with moderate protein content...
Appetitt Cat Sterilised 2,5 kg kattemat; hvit og grønn pose, grå katt som ligger
Appetitt Sterilised 2,5 kg
Appetitt Sterilised  has an energy and nutritional content suitable for neutered cats and with moderate protein content with high digestibility...
Appetitt Cat Sterilised 800 g kattemat; hvit og grønn pose, grå katt som ligger
Appetitt Sterilised 800 g
Appetitt Cat Sterilised cat food has an energy and nutritional content suitable for neutered cats  and with moderate protein content...
Kattemat i hvit sekk med gulldetaljer; Appetitt Cat Weight Control 2,5 kg tørrfor, brunspraglet korthåret katt avbildet
Appetitt Weight Control 2,5 kg
Complete food for adult cats that gain weight easily and with moderate calorie content With carnitine that might contribute to...
Appetitt with beef (chunks in jelly) 85g
With beef 100% animal protein and contains no grain raw materials Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and dietary fiber for digestion Beta-glucans for...
Appetitt with Chicken liver and turkey (chunks in jelly) 85 g
With chicken liver and turkey 100% animal protein and contains no grain raw materials Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and dietary fiber for...
Appetitt with Haddock and with taste of shrimp (chunks in jelly) 85g
With haddock and with taste of shrimp 100% animal protein and contains no grain raw materials Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and dietary...

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What is important when feeding the cat

It is important that you give the cat food that you are sure covers the nutritional needs in the relevant life stages. There should be a correct balance between energy and the main nutrients protein, fat and carbohydrates.

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Feeding a kitten

Regardless of which food you choose for your kitten, it is important that you choose complete food that provides a balanced feed with support for growth.

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Cat food - useful information

What are the characteristics of Appetite Cat Food?  

Cat food with palatability

Cats are often picky and therefore the taste, smell and consistency of the food is important. Appetite Cat meets these requirements. This is ensured by the fact that we use high-quality raw materials and that there is a short distance from production to the point of sale. Artificial flavorings are not used, and the good palatability is a measure of Appetitt Cat’s freshness and quality.

High biological value of the protein

Sufficient and correct protein supply is important for the cat and Appetitt Cat has a content of digestible protein and amino acids which is ideal for the cat in various life stages. The protein in Appetitt Cat is mainly of animal origin with a high biological value. This also ensures the correct supply of vital amino acids such as taurine and arginine – amino acids that are very important for the cat’s vision, heart function and metabolism.

Hydrolyzed protein from chicken and salmon

Hydrolyzed protein is “cut up protein” and consists of both free amino acids and shorter peptides. This means that the protein has a very high digestibility and thus a high availability to be converted in the body. Hydrolysis of protein can also help reduce possible allergic reactions. This is due to a lower content of large proteins that can be perceived as allergens, i.e. substances that can cause allergies in the cat.

Fat quality for health, skin and coat

The fat sources used in Appetitt come mainly from chicken, krill and fish. Marine fat supplies the cat with vital omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. A large proportion of these fatty acids come from krill and then in the form of phospholipids. Phospholipids are easily absorbed in the intestine and are included in cell wall structures, among other things. This, together with an ideal ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and a high content of vitamin E, supports the cat’s joint function, skin and fur quality and thus the general state of health.

Vitamins and minerals in the right amounts

Cats have a particularly high need for vitamin A, as well as some B vitamins such as thiamine and niacin. A good feed will also contain minerals in the right amounts and in the right relationship. Occurrence of urinary stones and other urinary tract disorders can be prevented precisely by having control over the content of certain minerals. For example, the feed’s content of calcium and phosphorus, as well as a low content of magnesium, will be important to prevent such urinary tract disorders. This has been taken into account in all the different feed types of Appetitt til katt.

Betaglucans for the immune system

Betaglucans from yeast developed in Norway are a natural product that can strengthen the cat’s immune system and promote good health. Betaglucans are included in all Appetitt Cat feed types.


Carnitine can contribute to increased fat burning in the cat and is included in Appetitt Cat Senior and Sterilised.

This reduces the risk of obesity in cats who put on weight easily.

Dietary fiber for good intestinal health and against hairballs

FOS – fructo-oligosaccharides are dietary fiber and are also called prebiotics. FOS has a positive effect in that it can promote the growth and establishment of “good bacteria and microbes” in the digestive tract. In this way, good intestinal health is achieved and can contribute to the cat being less exposed to digestive disorders. FOS is included in all varieties of Appetitt Cat, together with other fiber fractions that reduce problems with hairballs.

MOS – Mannan-oligosaccharides against the establishment of harmful bacteria in the intestine

MOS comes from different types of yeast and can reduce the risk of the establishment of unwanted bacteria in the gut – and especially E. Coli. MOS is not fermented in the same way as FOS, but attaches to receptors in the intestinal wall (microvilli). Thus, the space is “occupied” for the potential establishment of unwanted bacteria.

Natural glucosamine from redfish and krill

Appetite Cat cat food has a high content of glucosamine from Calanus finmarcicus (reddew) and Euphausia superba (krill) which are found in large quantities in the Norwegian Sea and Antarctic waters respectively. Glucosamine is included in cartilage and connective tissue in other joints. Extra supply of glucosamine can prevent joint disorders and joint pain.

Natural chondroitin from chicken and salmon

Chondroitin is also found naturally in all types of cartilage and connective tissue. Chondroitin together with glucosamine can contribute to better joint and bone health, which is why the content is extra high in Appetitt Cat Senior.

Appetit cat food contains Norwegian fish oil and krill for omega-3, EPA and DHA

Both us humans and cats need a certain supply of omega-3 fatty acids for good health. Normally, we get too little omega-3 fatty acids. Cats partially lack enzymes that can convert vegetable omega-3 fatty acids into the vital fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Via fish oil and krill in Appetitt cat food, the cat gets the right amounts of EPA and DHA. A large proportion of the fatty acids are like phospholipids – which ensures high absorption and prevents, among other things, cardiovascular diseases. These fatty acids can also help with joint disorders, relieve pain, reduce stiffness in the joints and are also good for good eyesight and good fur and skin quality.


Taurine is a vital amino acid that can only be found in animal and marine raw materials. Most animals produce taurine from other amino acids, but cats have a poor ability to do this and must have a supply via the feed. Appetite Cat cat food has a high content of taurine which contributes to a healthy heart, good eyesight, good digestion and fertility.

Appetite cat food is free of gluten-containing grain raw materials. This reduces the risk of gluten intolerance or celiac disease, which is hypersensitivity to gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.

General feeding advice for cats

The cat is actually a predator that stands at the top of the food pyramid and is thus a classic carnivore. In the wild, they feed exclusively on prey such as rodents and small birds. Cats are generally picky “small eaters” and eat small portions several times per day. day. Cat food should therefore be highly palatable and with the right smell so that the cat will eat enough to cover its nutritional needs. If wet food is used, the meal should be served at room temperature and preferably not given directly from the fridge. Dry food is very simple and hygienic as this food has a longer shelf life in the food bowl than wet food.

Allocation and feeding frequency

One should not fill the food bowl too full. Fill up the bowl more often and with smaller amounts at a time. Then the palatability stays better. The feed should be stored dry and cool in a closed bag or in a tight container so that the flavor and aroma are retained. Normally, you can feed the cats according to their appetite – that is, there is some dry food in the food bowl around the clock. But cats can become food rent and then it helps to divide the daily ration into 3 – 4 feedings per cat. day. If the cat starts to put on weight, you should ration the dry food and give a measured amount per day. Basically follow the recommendations on the packaging based on the cat’s weight. Preferably use a kitchen scale rather than a measuring cup to ensure that the cat is given the correct amount. If the cat becomes overweight, the amount of cat food must be portioned out or use a feed with a reduced energy content.

Fluid intake

Free access to fresh and clean water is very important for cats. The water bowl should not be too close to the food bowl as the food can put an odor and taste on the water. This may cause the cat to drink less water. The ideal is to have several water bowls standing around the house and in places where the cat normally travels. Many cats prefer running water, so using a water fountain can be tried if your cat drinks little water. Using wet food also increases the cat’s fluid intake. Too little fluid intake is unfortunate because a concentrated urine increases the risk of urinary stones and other urinary tract disorders.


Kittens grow quickly with a weight gain of 10 – 30 grams per litter. day depending on breed. From the age of 4 to 6 weeks, the kittens begin to eat other food than just mother’s milk. Appetitt Kitten

is adapted to the nutritional needs of kittens until they are approx. 1 year old. At the start you can mix Appetitt Kitten with (lactose-free) milk, but eventually you should switch to water. The proportion of liquid is gradually reduced and from 3 – 4 months of age, they can only have dry food. Wet food is also suitable during this period when they will be weaned from mother’s milk.

Pregnant and lactating cats

Pregnant cats normally do not need extra food, except for the last three to four weeks before the kittens are born. During this period, fetal growth is greatest and the cats are good at regulating their feed intake themselves. During the lactation period, extra energy is needed for milk production.

Cats with a litter of 5 – 6 kittens should have a feed intake of approximately 50% above the normal daily ration. It is primarily energy and protein that need extra supply, and Appetitt Kitten is therefore also suitable for lactating cats. Be extra careful with a good supply of water when the female cat is nursing. If the cat drinks too little, it will affect milk production and the growth and development of the kittens.

Adult cats

The nutritional needs of adult cats depend on their size, body weight and activity level. Furthermore, it will vary depending on whether it is an outdoor or indoor cat and the seasons. Outdoor cats are normally more active and need more cat food than cats that are kept inside all the time. In return, outdoor cats, especially in summer, will often catch and eat mice and small birds. This means that they eat less when they are inside. In the cold season, the cat will eat more as it needs more energy.

Cat food for adult cats: Appetitt Cat Adult Fish and Appetitt Cat Adult Chicken

Older cats

As the cat gets older, the activity level normally decreases and digestion and metabolic processes are somewhat reduced. In addition, some older cats become more picky and may experience a somewhat reduced appetite. It is important that older cats receive feed with a high palatability, which is easily digestible and with a somewhat lower energy content. In this way, excess weight is avoided while sufficient nutrients are supplied.

Cat food for older cats: Appetitt Cat Senior.

Castrated and sterilized cats

Castration and sterilization lead to hormonal changes that affect the cat’s activity level and metabolic processes. With a reduced level of activity, the risk of obesity increases. Furthermore, neutered male cats in particular are more susceptible to getting urinary stones. Appetitt Sterilised

has a nutritional content as well as functional substances that prevent obesity and urinary tract problems. The magnesium content is low to reduce the risk of urinary stones (struvite stones).

Overweight cats

Many cats easily become overweight even if they are not castrated/sterilized or get older. It is often difficult to ration the food when the cat is constantly hungry. Appetitt Senior is then a good alternative due to the reduced energy content as well as the content of raw materials that give a feeling of satiety and also increase fat burning.

Cat food suitable for overweight cats: Appetitt Cat Weight Control.

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